Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coming Attractions

Sawyer and Shelby are two kittens from an unwanted litter.  The mother was scheduled to be spayed in a MN Spay Neuter Project event especially designed for low income clients who need help  with spaying and neutering their family pets.  Unfortunately, the mother ran away before she could be spayed so she will undoubtedly have another litter or more before someone finds her and takes her into their home or she dies trying to survive on her own outside. 

Sawyer is a siamese cross and a manx.  His brother, Shelby, is an 'ordinary' orange tabby.  They are busy boys, full of fun and energy.  

Because being a manx cat is a birth defect, there can be neurological problems.  When he came to us Sawyer was having trouble emptying his bowels.  He is on a medication that helps keep them soft and is doing much better now.  At this point we do not know if he will need to be on this medication, which is not expensive, for life.  Time will tell.   Soon they will be going into the clinic for testing for feline leukemia and fiv, to begin their vaccinations and shortly after that to be neutered.  Then they will be up on the website.  

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sam said...

have the kittens been outside ?