Friday, May 29, 2009

Kittens, kittens

How many kittens does it take to fill a cat bed?  There are 6 orange kittens in one litter with part of that litter in the bed and 3 (two tortis and one orange) in the other litter!  It appears a larger bed will be needed soon - 

These kittens are too young to be adopted.  One of the things we use to evaluate a kitten as to whether it is ready to be placed as an only cat is whether it is willing to sleep by itself at least some of the time.  It is a sign of their immaturity and need to have the comfort of another buddy when they continue to sleep together 'in a heap'!  These babies have a few weeks before they will go in for testing and then another week or so before they will be spayed and neutered.  By then they will have matured a little more. 

Do you want a kitten but want to know what the personality will be like when it grows up?  Wait until the kitten is 4-5 months old.  By then we know more about whether the kitten will be a lap cat or a little more aloof, whether it is a crazy kid who needs another buddy to wear off some steam or if it is a little more laid back and will not be too lonesome if left alone while you are at work each day.  

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