Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fran and Ira

Fran and Ira are siblings.  Fran is a calico with lots of white.  Her fosters are calling her Shortcake because she is so sweet.  She loves to smooch and get kisses early in the morning!

Ira has had several names, Tenor (for his very talky ways) and also Trouble!  Bet you've guessed he is a busy, busy boy who has to investigate everything - and swirl in and around your legs as you walk!  Ira is white with charcoal gray markings.  

They're very social kittens, friendly, demanding lots of attention and purring and wanting to be with you in between racing around the house.  They could be adopted together or with another cat or kitten.  Ira might be a lot to handle if he were to be an only fellow - he needs a playmate to wear off some of his energy.  

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