Friday, January 9, 2009

S'more, Sundae and Zena

These pretty girls came from the hoarder's house too - They are in a foster home with another cat - we hope to get a picture of Buster with his new 'harem', all of the girls think he is the cat's meow!  Buster, of course, loves the attention too.  

S'more is a very cute, medium - long haired calico.  She startles at sudden moves or noises still but is seeking attention from the teen boys in the foster home and thinks Simon, the pug, is pretty nice too.  All of the girls find Simon acceptable.  

Zena is a very cute black and white girl with short hair.  She is outgoing and friendly.  

Sundae also shies at sudden noises but is fitting in well - all were recently found, one to a cushion, on the sofa, taking baths - they must have just eaten and had to tidy up.  

Soon they'll all be attending adoption events, looking for that perfect home.  If you are looking for a pair, all of the girls get along well with each other AND with another cat.  

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