Thursday, January 8, 2009


People who hoard cats, usually women, generally have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  They are likely to hoard other things besides cats; cool whip containers, newspapers, food, clothing, etc.  

Recently Pet Haven took some cats from a hoarder house.  All have them have been a little shy but all of them have been more than willing to use the litterbox.  We are always grateful when that happens because many hoarders have so many cats and so few litterboxes that they are not changed when they should be and the cat, in desperation, looks for another place to make into a litterbox.  Most are extremely grateful when they have a clean box and are more than willing to use it - these cats have had no problems adjusting. 

Snow is lazing on the rug, taking a break from playing.  
Snow and Knuffle are the two youngest kittens taken from the home.  Both had a bad upper respiratory infection and infected eyes, Knuffle also had an ulcer on her cornea.  After several rounds of different antibiotics and a stronger eye ointment, the colds and the ulcer have healed and both girls will be looking for homes soon.  

Because their coats were so dirty and greasy and they had sneezed all over themselves, their coats were shaved.  When they are fully grown out they will at least be medium hairs and maybe long hairs.  

Both girls are black and white.  Snow has a wedge of black under one side of her chin.  Knuffle has a black spot under her chin.  Knuffle is quite the chatty girl and both play actively and seek attention.  
Keep watching - more of the older kittens and cats will be coming to the blog soon!

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