Monday, January 26, 2009

Black is beautiful!

In 2008 some of the black cats and kittens that you helped us find homes for were: 


Katie, Kyle and Kirk

Nestle and Morsel



and Blackberry  

Did you know that black cats and dogs are the most overlooked, 

least adopted,

most often euthanized?

This happens at shelters and impounds across the nation.  This very sad story even has a 'name': Black Dog and Cat Syndrome.  There are multiple places on the web where you can read about it.  

Pet Haven has declared February to be Black Cat and Dog Month.  Please spread the word!

 Help us find forever homes for the new black cats we have taken in this year and some of the ones who weren't adopted from our group from last year!  

By the end of this week, or the first of next week, you'll begin to see pix of cats who are black or almost black that we need to find homes for now.  You'll read about their clever and individual personalities and see beyond their color to realize they need homes too.  

Please pass this blog address on to the folks on your e mail list who need to know about our homeless kids.  

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