Friday, January 2, 2009

Sat. 1/3, 11-1p.m. Adoption!

We'll be braving the precipitation to bring you some wonderful cats.  There are 15 on the list who are slated to come ranging in age from 9 yrs.  to kittens in the 5-9 month range. 

Bart, who is a silver shaded Persian, his coat is at least 1/2 grown back and he's looking might handsome,  

and  Sadie!
Both Bart and Sadie are front paw declawed, gentle, relaxed, great companions who love some attention, like to play and will share conversations with you.  They'll welcome you home and sympathize about that cold weather and the terrible traffic.  Need someone to watch tv with or take a snooze?  They'll volunteer for that tough duty too.  

Kittens, including:

Kiki, Kelly (two black sisters).  

Kiki is shown with her good buddy, Zelda.  And, let's not forget playful Ernie!  He's great at finding lost toys - 
Others attending:  Koko, Helen, Serena, Gerry, Teddy, Riley, Hannah and Buster (great together or with another cat), Nick and Pazazz.  (whoops!  I think that's 16 who are coming.)  Lots of choices, plenty of fun.  

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