Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Senior cats?

This summer Pet Haven had 6 cats returned to us who had been adopted in 1999, 2000 and 2007.  Financial problems were given as the reason.  We've successfully placed 5 of the 6!  It is difficult for us to place a cat that is over the age of 8 yrs. even though many cats live to be 14-18 years of age or older.  

One of the cats we still have is Sadie.  She was born in 1999.  She is in good health, her teeth are in good shape and she is an affectionate and loving lady.  She came back with a partner cat who has since been adopted and is  now living as an only cat in a foster home and likes that situation well too.  

Sadie is having her food measured.  Like too many of us, having more calories around than we need makes it hard to resist eating more.  She isn't begging for extra food or meals and likes lap time and to keep you company around the house.  

Why would you want a senior cat?  

We know their personalities!  

They are appreciative and calm, but playful, housemates!  

They have lots of love and living left to share with you.  

Maybe you aren't sure you could make a commitment to a cat for 14-18 years which is what you would have to plan on if you adopted a kitten.  

Perhaps having a loving companion for 4-8 years seems like something you would be able to commit to.  Perhaps an aunt or grandpa would like a loving, calmer companion.  

Bart is another handsome dude that the vet clinic guesses to be about 9 yrs. of age.  He was put in the fenced dog run of a clinic Pet Haven works with.  His hair was matted to the skin and he needed some dental work done - all that's been taken care of.  He's an easy-going fellow with a gravelly voice. He's  handsome, likes to be around you and ok with another cat if you have one.  He's another 'older' fellow we're hoping to find a forever home for too.  

Bart's foster mom says his coat isn't hard to keep up.  She combs her own two persians every day but feels his coat will not require that much maintenance.  His hair is probably 1/2 the length it will be when it is fully grown out.  This photo was taken by SaraBethPhotography at Pet Haven's fall benefit where Bart was one of the stars!

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