Monday, December 1, 2008

One more fellow, in from the cold

Franklin stopped by a former Pet Haven foster's home awhile ago and cried under the deck and at the door.  Even though they were reluctant to take on such a responsibility, they offered to foster this handsome fellow who goes by the name of Franklin.   

Franklin came with no microchip and his former owner is unknown.  

Put out the door?  

An escape artist who got lost?  

Life on the streets wasn't kind to him.  He has a very thin hair coat and had many scrapes and scabs.  He was unable to feed himself well, even if he was a hunter, because he had had some teeth removed.  

He has icy blue eyes and is an interesting mix of colors.  He is a brown tabby who has very honey colored tones to his fur.  

He's had a few trips to the vet; first for his initial check-up and shots (he had already been neutered and had dental extractions done) and the 2nd time to have an abcess drained.  When he came in he appeared to have some scratches here and there and did have but one turned out to be a bite which is what became infected.  He's healing well and will be ready for adoption in January

 He's loving life in the sun and a warm blanket to curl up on.  

Franklin gets along with the former Pet Haven cat in the home, Takishi-do.  

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