Monday, December 1, 2008

Aster - happy and playful

Aster came to Pet Haven from another rescue group.  She had had a miserable infection in her eyes since a young kitten and they were unable to provide successful treatment.   A visit to an eye specialist helped with new treatments and drugs.  
It was determined that Aster has the herpes virus in her eyes.  It is contagious to other felines but has not passed to the other two cats in her foster home who are young adults and in good health.  She could be adopted by someone with another cat who has the herpes virus too and then there would be no reason for concern about passing it on.  

Aster takes an immune booster supplement, lysine, once a day, and  should be on that for the rest of her life.  She loves her canned food and the powder from the capsule is sprinkled on it.  And she eats dry kibble too.  This supplement will help her to keep the virus subdued so that it doesn't flare-up in her eyes.  

She's  no longer on any other oral or topical anti-viral drugs and is ready for adoption.  

Aster is an easy girl, she loves people and children, would get along easily with another cat and really loves the dog in her foster home.  He gives her kisses and she snuggles right into all that loving.  They also sleep together on the large dog bed he has.  Playful?  Oh, yes - she's playful too!

She's a beautiful brown tabby with lots of white with sparkling eyes that are full of delight and health. How old is she?  Not yet two years old - she's a keeper.   One of many cats waiting a forever home through Pet Haven.  

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