Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adoption Sun. 12/21, 1-3 p.m.

One more official cat adoption for 2008.  Pet Haven is grateful for the adopters committed to life-long pet ownership who come to us to find their new pet.  We appreciate their guardianship of the health, safety and well-being of their new family members.  We work to find the cat who will fill out your family life so you find a cat who fits your needs and vice versa!

Bart is going to the spa on Saturday and plans to come looking more handsome than ever.  He's come a long way since he had to have his coat shaved off because he was matted to the skin.  His hair is about 1/2 as long now as it will be.  He's sociable and loves to be around you, an easy going fellow with a quite easy coat to maintain.  This picture was taken of him by SarahBethPhotography at our annual fall benefit. 

We will have a litter of 6 kittens at the adoption also - The 'Berry' kids.  3 boys, 3 girls, born Sept. 2008.  Submit an application at, click on cat and dog available for adoption.  Pictured here are two of the girls - Gooseberry and Raspberry.  
Boysenberry is one of the boys. All 6 have 'berry' names. They are very busy and playful and like people attention and interaction.

There will be many other cats and older kittens at the adoption - waiting for loving homes.  

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