Monday, August 9, 2010

Quiet weekend - cats available

Despite having two adoption events this weekend, we only placed one kitten - Ms. Magpie found a new home. She is the first kitten in the litter of 8 that has been so lucky.

Other adults are waiting to be officially adopted by fosters, family members and friends of fosters. Some of those cats have been with Pet Haven quite awhile -

Panda - who likes people really well but can be 'owly' with another feline or dog.

Wyatt was a stray this spring and has fit into the felines in his foster family home so well he found just the right back yard to stop in; Tom was also a stray and Wendy who came from a hoarder house in March.

Wendy has overcome many obstacles and now has a cat to call a 'sister' and another foster in the home. All are getting along just fine, no hissing, just games and grooming.

Summer always seems to be a 'slow' adoption time for Pet Haven and other rescues and humane societies and it is the time we are inundated with the most cats and kittens needing homes. Being foster home based, we can tell you a lot about the behavior of a cat or kitten in one of our homes. If you want one who will mix well with another cat or a dog we probably have the foster home that has a similar combination.

Ms. Tilly's litter:

3 of the kittens have been spayed and neutered and are ready to be adopted - they are:

Eskimo Pie - a female, she has a large white mustache

Smooch - a male with just a tiny white mustache, seen on the right in the photo below

Schnoz - a female with a striking black diamond over her nose who is on the left.

Chickadee is seen in the center, she has been the smallest all along and it is taking her awhile to gain weight and be as active as she should be so she has not been scheduled for surgery yet.

Others in the litter who will be ready for adoption after spay/neuter surgery this week are:



and Klavier.

Eclipse is the largest in the litter and had a cold last week so couldn't be neutered but he'll be perking along soon and ready to find a new home.

There are many more adults and kittens waiting homes - Helen, Ladybug, Riley, Wilma, Carl, Sophia and others.

Contact us and ask questions, someone will get back to you promptly. 952-831-3825 is the voicemail line for Pet Haven. Click here to see pictures and bios of most of our adoptable cats.

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