Thursday, August 12, 2010


Addie was a shy little girl when she came to Pet Haven - she is still a little girl and she is initially shy but has recently moved to a new foster home because her former foster home is ready to adopt a couple of kittens of their own.

Addie has made great strides in meeting someone new. She has moved much more easily to this foster home (meeting more and more loving humans is good for all of us) and is playing, looking for attention and loves her fishing pole type toys. The ball in the 'ring' isn't bad either. You'll notice she has a bird and critter feeder right outside her window.

She'll take a nap with you, come and stand on your lap and ask for strokes and pats - a very nice lady. She's probably 3 yrs. old and is a short haired brown tabby torti.

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