Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ever had this feeling as you waited for the doc to read off the weight on the scale you were on?

(Don't look! I'm going to cover my ears! I don't want to hear the bad news!)

This handsome fellow recently came to Pet Haven, weighing somewhat over 20#. Jumbalaya tried to convince us he was a big boy - he really is! He's long and tall - however, all that extra fat isn't doing him any good!

Jum has accepted his diet well and even has an exercise plan. All 3 members of the family spend individual time with him each day - 10 minutes each. He is enticed with the laser light, with fishing pole toys, with anything to encourage him to move around more AND he loves it.

Jumbalaya had good news at the vet's today - he's lost a little over a pound.

This fellow has lots of personality, he's a lover of people and attention and he likes another cat really well too. He came to us with Shrimp, another brown tabby with white feet, who was formerly known as Didi. He and she snuggle and play but each loves other cats well too.

Further updates to come!

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