Friday, April 2, 2010


Mr. Tom decided that being outside on his own was really not the best thing in the world for a nice, friendly fellow. After hiding in a garage and being semi friendly, he felt that it was time for things to change.

Tom got a new 'do' - it was difficult to keep himself well groomed and clean when he was out hunting for food and trying to keep safe. Since he is a long hair, his coat had picked up many matts and a good share of dirt.

Tom is ready to start coming to adoptions now! He's hoping for a home that has plenty of room because he loves to run and play. Sunbaths are fine but certainly not the most important thing in his day.

He hopes for someone who enjoys playing actively with their cat - fishing pole toys, fetch, the cat dancer, those are the kinds of games he really enjoys. Not that he doesn't welcome a good cuddle every now and then too.

Tom would probably do best with adults or a family with older children. He does some play biting when he is wound up and his foster is helping him stop that by ignoring him if it happens but small children might not see his signals.

Tom is sure that anyone who comes to the apartment is coming to visit him and is happy to be the greeter!

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