Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm not shy - once I get to know you!

Peggy is a cute little girl. She has beautiful gold eyes and a sleek and shiny coat. She is a bit of an introvert. Peggy's latest adventure was to go to a new foster home. That was pretty frightening and she had to hide under the bed while her foster mom worked on getting her to trust her - it worked, things are going well now, this is what beautiful Peggy has to say about herself:

Hi. My name is Peggy and I like to play hard to get! Once you earn my trust you will learn about all my special talents.

It took my foster mom a couple weeks of pulling me out from under the bed for me to see she was really a nice lady. She would brush and hold me - that was quite a scare even though my first foster did the same things and I even jumped up on her lap.

Sometimes I got a food treat too - I love food!

After awhile I would come out on my own and get on her lap and she didn't even have to give me a food treat all the time but it is really nice when she does.

She thinks I am one of the best lap cats ever and she's known a few cats in her years with Pet Haven. I sit on her lap and knead and sometimes can be held like a baby.

I'm checking on the critters outside the window too - she even feeds the birds, squirrels and chipmunks! I really like to watch them. Sometimes I wiggle my butt and act like I'm going to catch them.

My biggest talent though is that I am a computer geek! I help with e mails and chats and when I think it is time to get off the computer, I know just how to put it in hibernation. Aren't I smart?! She usually says, "Thanks a lot, Peggy!" I can tell she really appreciates my help!

I'd like a home with one or two adults where I can be the only cat. If you will spend some extra time helping me to get to know you I will be your special friend for all of my life - I promise!

The 'Noodles' are coming, the 'Noodles' are coming - keep watching for an update soon!

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