Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Babies keep growing

Padua and her 5 babies came to Pet Haven when the kittens were just opening their eyes - at about two weeks of age.

This picture shows them at 4 weeks old - still struggling to walk without dragging that fat tummy - our legs are very short!

We're getting big now, and will be 6 weeks old the first week in May. See how we've grown!

Padua continues to nurse the kittens but they are learning how to eat canned kitten food to relieve the stress on her and are trying kitten kibble too. Soon mom will be happy to have the little rug rats more independent and she will be able to be spayed and live the life of a happy young cat herself. It is a heavy load to be a mom of 5 when you are no more than a year old yourself.

Pet Haven's kittens are tested for feline leukemia and fiv (as was mom) when they are about 9 weeks of age. They begin their vaccinations and will be spayed and neutered and microchipped and continue their deworming schedule.

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