Monday, November 2, 2009

New to adoptions

Some new to Pet Haven adoptions are:

Wanda - she's a petite little girl with a white locket on her chest and one white whisker. She's definitley a girl who would like another cat in her life - that is Kruz' tail that is draped over her neck.

Kruz is a mighty handsome fellow with his copper colored eyes and medium length gray coat. He also enjoys telling you about his day!

High Jinks wants to know what you're doing?
She was named because she is a busy girl with lots of tricks and games up her sleeve and she also has a big purr and likes to snooze on you. She is a medium haired black tuxedo.

Jenny is a medium haired brown tabby with lots of white. She has 'eye liner' on which makes her very cute. Jenny loves to be talked to and will knead her paws and smile up at you when you stop to admire her. She comes for some attention to and likes to have you pick her up from the floor and give her a snuggle.

Jenny and High Jinks didn't know each other until they got together in their foster home and even though Jenny is more laid back than High Jinks, they both love to play with each other. Both are about 5 months old.

They'll all be coming to adoptions soon!

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