Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ms Missy

Missy was guessed to be 6-8 yrs. old when she came to Pet Haven from another shelter. She is a beautiful brown tabby torti with lots of white and slightly crossed eyes as a bonus.

Over the next year she had most of her teeth removed because of dental disease. Missy wasn't able to come to adoption events very often through no fault of her own and when she needed her shots updated, it was discovered she had lost 2#.

Missy was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor which was removed after she had taken medication to lower the levels in her body. She did very well and moved to another foster home.

Samycat, formerly Missy, has now found a new home. She has another feline friend who is 14 yrs. old. Since thyroid tumors are most often found in 10-14 yr. old cats - she and her new buddy are probably close to the same age.

Samycat has started sleeping on the bed and doesn't mind sharing her new family with another cat!

A victory for a little older girl who has lots of love and life yet to share.

There are many cats looking for homes, finding homes for 'older' cats is a very difficult problem for most rescue groups.

Consider adopting an older companion animal when it is time. They're loyal, settled, affectionate, grateful, playful in spurts and love to have a sunny window and you around for company! Lucky Samycat!

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