Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jolie and Jellybean!

These two girls are busy, loving older kittens.

Jolie is a very cute and extremely soft brown tabby. She is the lap girl and also loves to play. When Jolie was younger she was put outside to survive on her own and was either hit by a car or kicked. Her femur in the back leg was broken and she was not rescued before it set itself. Because of that one back leg is a little shorter than the other one but it doesn't slow her down. It should cause no problems later in life as long as she isn't allowed to become obese. Measuring out a certain amount of food each day is really a good idea for all cats and dogs.

Jellybean is actually the most energetic of the pair although in her picture, she seems more sedate. We'll try to get an action shot of her too. Jellybean has gorgeous copper colored eyes and a sleek and shiny black coat.

Jolie and Jellybean are in the same foster home and get along well together but do not have to be adopted together. Each would get along fine with another cat if you have another one. Each should do fine as an only cat too.

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