Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new boy.

This boy is new to his foster home.  He spent over a year in another shelter, being overlooked time and again.  He was named Elvis when that group picked him up from impound because he talked a lot on the trip in the car.  

What was his 'real' name?  

What happened to his owner?  

Did he get lost and was never found?  

Were they tired of him and dumped him out the door?  

The good news is that Big Red, as he is known now, has moved into his foster home and is fitting right in. His foster thinks she may be falling in love!  

What does Red have going for him?  

Age?  He's at least 8 yrs. old.  A boy young enough to love and old enough to know how to be a quiet companion.   

Likes?  He loves a lap to snooze in.  

Adventure?  He loves to have a harness and leash put on and be taken for a walk around the yard. 

Dislikes?  He's a little big disturbed by lots of commotion and will scoot under the bed until things calm down.  

The waiting game continues.  Has this boy found his forever home or is someone else going to come along and convince his foster that they would love him just as much and take every bit as good care of him?  Time will tell.  

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