Monday, September 22, 2008


Holly loves to go outside.  She sits patiently to get her harness on and the leash connected.  She supervises watering the flowers, checks out the squirrels and  chipmunks running through the yard and keeps her foster mom company when she is outside reading or working in the yard.  

Pet Haven has  lots of friendly cats but Holly is one of the most willing to greet and make friends with anyone who comes to the home.  She likes to have them play with her and jumps up to sit beside or in their laps as soon as they settle down for conversation.  

She also loves to keep here foster mom company around the house.  Need to wash clothes?  She'll come with you.  Need to change the sheets on the bed?  That's a great game!  Need to do some computer work?  She's right there to help with that also.  

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williamhessian said...

i had a blast at the Meow Off!

see some pictures on my blog!

thank you Pet Haven!