Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baker and Widget - update

It's been 2 weeks and the kittens are through their first round of dewormings.  Finally, appetites are picking up and they are starting to gain a few ounces every day.  As they eat more, they are becoming more active too!  Life is fun for a kitten when it is safe and warm, fed and loved.  We're guessing they are about 7 weeks of age, Baker is still underweight for his age at only 1.5 pounds and Widget is approaching what she should weigh at two months at 1 pound 12 ounces.  

Widget is the spark of the pair.  She is the bravest and first to try a new toy or explore a new part of the house.  She's a cute little minx and is perky and bright. 

Baker is also feeling better and braver.  He was the thinnest and it has taken him longer to feel good but now he has the 'crazies' every so often too.  He also wants you to know he is the cutest!  He is very photogenic and thinks he might make a good model.  

They've lost their baby blue eyes, they're more gray now, and their legs are just a little longer. They're still pretty little kids.  

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