Friday, January 6, 2012

Sat., 11-1, Sun., 1-3 p.m. 2 Adoptions!

Pet Haven cats will hold 2 adoptions this weekend.

Sat. Jan. 7, 11-1 p.m.

Sun. Jan. 8, 1-3 p.m.

Different cats each day - stop by both times to see the kittens and young adult cats! Different color, different hair lengths, different personalities. Some good with children, some who prefer to be an only cat, some good with a dog. Lap cats, demanding of attention and others more laid back.

Paxton (male, brown tabby), Patches (male, white/black) and Pepper (female, brown tabby torti with striking markings). 8 month old kittens - playful, well socialized, full of fun and games and love people too.

Beautiful Candy, a brown tabby torti with longer hair, she's definitely a lap cat, fine with a dog, not overly fond of another cat.

Noah - handsome big fellow, loves tummy rubs, time with you, a very curious fellow. OK with a busy, ready to romp other cat, good with a dog. Needs lots of toys, playtime with you and windows to view his domain.

Peaches - a wonderful, loving personality. Gentle, playful, fine with another cat and respectful dog, likes people, 4 paw declawed, dilute torti (gray and peach).

Anja, petite torti, very playful, enjoys another cat to romp with and playing with you. She's easily over stimulated when being pet and will nip. We're looking for an adult home who will read her signals and help her to get over this habit.

Cheveyo - big, handsome, short ear tips from frostbite. He loves watching out the windows, playing with another cat who wishes to play chase and romp, ok with a respectful dog and a fellow who likes attention from you too.

Pretty little Dahlia is what we call a victim cat. She won't say 'no!' to another cat and then that cat will chase her and frighten her. She gets along with another gentle, non dominant cat and loves to play, look out the window and be with you.

Lacey or Momma Bear is definitely people oriented. She wishes to be a cook in her next life and is a bit of a pest in the kitchen but her winning ways make up for that bit of nuisance - just keep your spray bottle with water in it handy! Toys, windows to watch out of, a dog and, perhaps, another cat - this girl will be happy and content.

Check out pictures and bios of all our adoptable cats here.

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