Monday, January 9, 2012

Ms. Lacey, aka Mamma Bear

This pretty little girl is currently the cat-in-residence for Pet Haven at the Chuck and Don's in Highland.

Lacey, also known as Mama Bear, for her ability to keep the kittens and dogs 'in line' in her foster home, is a very outgoing and 'chatty' girl. She loves to talk and tell you about her day while you de-stress from your day.

Lacey would love to be an 'only' cat in her forever home but does get along with two of the younger kittens and will groom them and she does fine with the dogs - but she does not have to have a dog in her life either.

Toys, a perch to look out the window so she can make sure things are going ok out there too and folks to love her - adults, children - and this pretty lady will be happily at home.

Lacey believes she needs to supervise, and even taste test, in the kitchen. You will need to be armed with a spray bottle, keep bread, butter and other treats off the counter and dirty bowls out of the sink to discourage this habit.

But you'll love that you now have company when it is time to clean up!

Was one of your resolutions this year to keep the kitchen clutter under control? Lacey can help!

Stop by and say hello!

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