Friday, December 24, 2010


It is the time of year when we enjoy things in abundance: opportunities to see old friends and family, to reconnect, to eat special foods, to show how we care for each other.

Sometimes travel is involved, or others travel to you, we make an extra effort to see those who are shut-in and whom visiting brings back happy and sad memories of years gone-by.

This year we are even enjoying an abundance of snow which brings all sorts of havoc to our schedules and little ease in moving about.

Cherish those you see, call those you cannot see, be thankful for those companions who make your house a home. Remember what it is about a person or pet that makes your day complete.
Our pets bring richness and respite to our lives. We celebrate those who are in homes this year, loved and cared for.

The foster home your pet came from has extended themselves beyond most imaginings. They work, play, have home responsibilities, have families and relatives, have pets of their own and they open their homes again and again to make another pet safe until it can find a forever home.

Some of the cats we celebrate having new lives this year are:

Tilly - mother of 8, 1 kitten yet unadopted

Litters of kittens - unplanned, unwanted - too numerous to name

Nick - a bit of a rough-neck but a social, endearing boy

Emmett and Mr. Brown - boys who had not known much people love prior to Pet Haven but who loved what they received from people

Margie - adopted years ago, allowed and encouraged to learn to be closer to her owner and come for lap time and snuggles - two women who form a rich family

Smokey Joe - living in a hoarder house, middle aged, needing dental care and a chance to have a person to love without the competition and crowding

Dolly - picked on by other cats at another shelter - secure as an only cat, greatly loved

Teasle, now Coco - for the rich comfort this upper middle aged girl has brought to her owner

Wendy who came from another hoarder house where she had suffered with ulcers and infection in her eyes for the first 6 months of her life - healthy, chubby, one eye removed, scarring removed from the other one and now known as Saga as she truly begins a new part of her life.

We celebrate all these animals and more - those unnamed and others waiting for their chance at a secure life.

We celebrate our donors who step forward to help with medical care which is sometimes extraordinary and who give to help spay and neuter cats and dogs none of us know in order to conquer the overpopulation of cats, especially.

We celebrate our fosters and other volunteers. They have the biggest hearts and reach out over and over again.

Thank you!

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