Monday, December 6, 2010

Available kittens

Most of our kittens are from 5-8 months of age. They'd love to come and help you put up holiday decorations and take them down, too, of course.

Tanner was having a ball the day his foster family decorated! He's a gray tabby and loves the big greyhound mix dog in his foster home, choosing to take naps on top of him on occasion!

Arrow, Sweet Adeline and Amber also promise to be a lot of help and find toys around your home that you didn't realize were 'toys'! They do sleep on occasion too - and come for attention from you. They were previously in a foster home with a small dog they enjoyed.

Life is good when you are a kitten and warm, safe inside and healthy!

Arrow is black and white, Sweet Adeline is a calico and Amber is a 'cow' cat - white with orange spots.

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