Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a few of the 'older' kittens available!

Somerset is a hoot - she has the loudest purr in the county. On top of that her coat is soft, she loves to play and cuddle on your lap - hard to beat all of that in one little package. She's about 6 months old.

Chickadee is one of the four black and white kittens left from Tilly's litter. She is an affectionate young lady also and gets along well with another cat or kitten and a respectful dog. Schnoz and Klavier are the two females and Eclipse is the brother who remains. He's a bigger boy than the girls. They are also around 6 months of age.

Phoebe and Pablo are younger, also white and black and have medium length hair. They are probably 11 weeks old now.

Pretty Penelope is not a kitten but a young cat, she is the mother of Phoebe and Pablo and she is happy to have been spayed and know that she can now be a playful, kittenish cat herself. She hopes to never be dumped out in the alley to fend for herself again.

Looking for a male? Consider Jumbalaya, Smokey and Hudson who will be posted soon as he will be neutered this week.

These and many other cats and kittens are available through Pet Haven. Click here to see other cats and kittens available through Pet Haven.

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