Monday, October 18, 2010


We've received updates on a few of the cats placed in the last few months.

Kati was with us for over a year. She had a lot of trust issues after being abandoned in a foreclosed home. Her adopter actually saw her at an adoption last early spring and was attracted to her but was not in a position to inquire then.

Kati, now know as Muchacha Ocupada (Busy Girl) has settled in well. Her owners are just exploring the world of digital photography and given her activity level, are glad they are just 'wasting' pixels and not having to print pictures of tails and hind legs and blurs to see if they got a good one.

She is shown on the 'stalk' with her stuffed animal cat friend - a buddy cat that she can appreciate as she loves being an only girl!

Pedro was adopted into a family and has adjusted well. As you can see, he is an adored boy!

Pedro and Ella Boo are learning to play with each other. They're going to have fun together.

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MAC said...

Thank you so much for helping Kati. She was left behind in my next door neighbor's house when they had to move due to a foreclosure. I was shocked to see her peering out of the front window after they left. I knew her family loved her, but tough situations make people do things they would not otherwise do. I am so happy that Kati has a new home that adores her. Thank you so much for adopting Kati! -Sally