Monday, February 6, 2012

Second and third chances -

Dirks had had an owner at one time but was returned to a shelter, when he came to Pet Haven he found another home. That home had job loss problems and he was returned once again.

Back to a foster home where he got along well with another foster cat at first - but soon the other guy became a bully and Dirks wasn't up to the challenge of telling him, "NO!"

Dirks went to another foster home with 2 very accepting cats and now has found another cat buddy to play and snuggle with!

Just thought we'd share this picture from last night -- as you can see, Dirks and Sensei are the best of pals.

Dirks is getting along well -- we notice that he loves to climb up as high as possible on bookshelves, dressers, etc. Maybe he misses his cat tower -- we'll probably buy one when we move, as we have no room for any extra furniture right now! Dirks is a very likeable little guy, and apparently Sensei thinks so too.

Best wishes --

Roberta, Sean, Dirks, and Sensei

Dirks is the buff fellow, Sensei the gray and white.

Sometimes we all need a second chance, or a third or a fourth. The more kind and caring people a cat, dog or person meets just expands trust and keeps it more open to another family.

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